Weights & Measures

I’ve been testing out my ability to commit to weight loss with an app. It’s really helpful, as long as you remember to record absolutely every morsel or drink that passes your lips. I’ve managed to cut down to between 1600 (my recommended daily amount) and 2000 calories per day. So far no luck in really shifting any weight though..

The thing I really need to crack on with is upping my exercise levels to counteract the ‘fat days’ or those days when wine demolishes my calorie count completely. I get it, “eat less move around more” but when it comes to getting into the mood for exercise as soon as I’ve got home from a tough day in the office, I quite often just don’t feel like doing anything. Especially when it’s raining outside, all I want to do is hunker down with a nice glass of red, under a blanket and watch a bit of TV.

Today I made a week planner of exercise, to do Monday to Friday (Friday to be exchangeable with a weekend day if I decide I’d rather go out and celebrate the start of the weekend..) It looks like this: Monday – HIT (on another app), Tuesday – Bike (my MTB on a turbo trainer or outside if it’s not pissing down / snowing), Wednesday – Ski Fit (another app but also online training to get ready for winter), Thursday – HIT (repeating this one as I’m hoping it burns more calories) and Friday – Yoga (because I’m not as flexible as I should be and let’s face it, working up a big sweat every day is hard enough already).

Tonight I’m taking measurements of all my fattest bits – hips (or love handles), thighs and arms and I’ll keep a check on these once a month when I do my weigh in. My current stats are:

  • Height: 172 cm / 5 ft 8 in
  • Weight – 80 kg or 12.5 stone
  • Hips – 100 cm / 26.5 in
  • Thighs – 67 cm / 40 in

Got to get on with making some curtains tonight, so I’m going to get cracking on training day 1 tomorrow!

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