One day to go…

It’s finally here.. the trip is about to start and I have a mixture of nerves and excitement about the whole thing.

I’ve made it to Lyon where I’ll be flying from tomorrow morning. Next stop Madrid and then on to Lima. I’m such a useless traveller I didn’t realise until speaking to my sister just now that it’s a 12 hour flight from Madrid to Lima.. I’d better buy a good book I told her, she replied “a bloody big one!”

As a money conscious¬† (crap with money) person I was glad to hear I’d already paid in full for the hotel I’m staying at tonight. That was news to me as I only thought I’d paid the fee.. and the ride to the airport is free too whereas I thought I’d be paying for a taxi. So i have more money to spend on eating guinea pigs (maybe!) and more importantly fees for museums and nerdy archaeological stuff whilst I’m there..

Not looking forward to getting up at 05:45 and travelling for almost a day, but let the adventure begin..I’m ready for this!!!!

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