Góis village

Góis is a little village on the N2 highway, Portugal’s answer to Route 66.

You can drive it, hike it or bike it, and you collect stamps in a little ‘passport’ booklet each place you stop off. Just head to the local tourist office and they will happily oblige.

The full route is 713km long from the North edge of Portugal all the way down to Faro in the south. There plenty of places to stop off and visit along the way including Góis, which is no. 16 on the map below.

Góis is smack bang in the centre of Portugal, around 1 hour drive from Coimbra, 2 hours from Porto and about 3 hours from Lisbon.

There’s plenty to see and do, a decent camp site, a river ‘beach’ they set up in summer, lots of hiking routes, a couple of small cafes and restaurants, lots of schist villages you can visit, mountain biking spots and a little goat village up in the hills.

The goats are used to keep the brush down so that fires don’t spread so easily in the summer. They also make cheese up there, which I’ve not tried yet, as apparently the goats keep making babies.. Check them out on Facebook.

Also if you head up to see the goats, you’ll find this picture pefrect spot for a few selfies nearby..

Find out about events and things to do on the official tourist website for Góis.

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