Coimbra visits

Coimbra (pronounced Cweembra) is the largest town near where I live, about an hour’s drive away.

It used to be the capital of Portugal and is now the fourth largest city in the country. It’s also home to the oldest university in Europe.

It’s a great place to go shopping, exploring museums and churches and enjoying a coffee and a pastel de nata (delicious custard tarts) whilst people watching.

There’s a large river running through its centre (the Mondego river) which you can get a great view from up in the old town.

I love all the old churches here and there’s also a fantastic museum up near the university with Roman ruins underneath, the Machado de Castro National Museum. I definitely recommend a visit and there’s also a great restaurant on a terrace overlooking the river too 🙂

Afterwards you can take a stroll by the river and maybe hop on a boat trip (but not in that one below 😛 ) Maybe something to do the next time I have people over to visit… whenever that will be, who knows?!

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